Follow-up from class on 3/5

Enjoy your spring break!

When you come back, be ready to work! We will have a shooting assignment every week in the second half of the semester. We’ve built up to this. Now is the time to produce and SHOW me what you’ve been learning!

Here is the presentation on Portraits. I suggest you take a few minutes and review it (especially if you had to leave early), so you have some examples in mind and understand the concepts:

Presentation: Portraits

Here is the accompanying handout:


You’ll need to become familiar with this, not only for your Portraits assignment, but for another test at the end of the semester (not the final exam).

REMEMBER to bring cameras to class after Spring Break on 3/19. Weather permitting, we’ll be going outside, to Sweetheart Circle, to learn about the attributes of light and how to utilize them in your images. I’m going to link the corresponding handout so you can get an understanding of the concepts, ahead of time. It might help to know what you are looking for before you learn to actually see it and use it. If you read this now, perhaps you can start observing and evaluating light everywhere you look. And start thinking about how to utilize it in your visual reportage:

Let There Be Light

After our lesson on light on 3/19, we’ll quickly review portraits and see how students in previous classes have succeeded and failed in this assignment. And then you’ll need to go forth and create a couple of portraits for me.

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns. By the time you get back from Spring Break, I will have emailed you about where you stand in the class. Also remember that you will have an opportunity to reshoot every assignment for a better grade. And opportunities for extra credit. Remember that you need to produce a portfolio of your best work at the end of the semester. That’s how you are going to show me what you’ve learned and how you’ve improved. Contact me if you need to know more.

Just stay in touch and we’ll get through this together!




Know the Law!

This last class was to introduce you to some aspects of the law that you need to know in reference to visual journalism.

If you missed class, you can review the presentation here. There is some info relevant to the rest of the semester, too:

Presentation: Know the law

This presentation was a little less comprehensive, as it was meant to generate discussion. There are a couple of handouts you also need to read over. You can find them linked in the Mid-term exam prep post:

2018 Midterm PJ prep

Here are the videos that we viewed:



Watch the videos and let me know if you have any questions.

Preparation for the midterm exam on Mon., March 5

Your mid-term written exam will be an open-note, written exam with multiple choice, true/false, and short answer questions, along with a few short essay questions at the end to make sure you can briefly discuss some topics. It will be timed – you will have one hour to complete it. There’s a lot of material we have covered so far, so you don’t want to be randomly searching through handouts while the clock is ticking.

Start reading and reviewing now so you are familiar with the material and know which handout to search if you get stumped.

HINT: Many of the topics are thoroughly discussed and give multiple examples and details, but the concepts I really want you to know are usually in bold-face type or in italics. So start there.

I handed this out in class, but here is the study sheet to help you narrow things down:

Photojournalism midterm exam study sheet

Some parts in the study sheet give you the answers, right out. Others ask questions, so you should read the handouts so you can answer those questions.

The links to the handouts and presentations are spread out over different posts on the web site as follow-ups to each class, but I will list direct links to them here:

If you want to view the videos from the presentations (it might help), you’ll have to find the posts here on the website related to the topic, however.

If you haven’t read the handouts/study materials, do it now, perhaps even before you look at the study sheet. By reading the handouts, you will get a much better idea about where to look for answers ahead of time. Trust me, you don’t want to be reading the handouts for the first time while you are taking the exam.

During the exam, you can use this post and create tabs in your internet browser for each handout. Or you can download them and print them out, if you like. Just have the material handy to you while you take the exam.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Makayla Miller – Places and Faces


Sweetheart Circle at Georgia Southern University on a gloomy day, February 26th.


Jalen Collins, 19, enjoys a relaxing evening at the Freedoms Landing Pool on February 23rd.

Faces and Places- George Andersen

Sfaces in places2-1.jpgGeorgia Southern Students and faculty play 2 Vs. 2 pick-up basketball (George Andersen/Photojournalism)

Places-1.jpgA view from above of Georgia Southern students and faculty playing 2 Vs. 2 basketball (George Andersen/ Photojournalism)

faces in places-1.jpgOne player drives to the hoop as another attempts to box him out in a game of pick-up 2 Vs. 2 basketball at the Georgia Southern RAC. (George Andersen/ Photojournalism)faces in places3-1.jpgA personal trainer at the RAC takes a walk with one of his clients on the second floor (George Andersen/ Photojournalism)

Places and Faces- Assignment 3

Assignment Places and Faces – Jade Gay


Sanford Hall is home to the Communication Arts students and can be found along sweetheart circle.


Denise a (5) year old ran with enthusiasm in the rain.


shamya Barron (19) a sophomore in college jumped around in the rain.