A3: Faces & Places – Dana Lark



An alleyway entrance to homes in downtown Savannah, Ga. (MMJ class/Dana Lark)

Places with Faces

Faces with Places

A tightrope walker practicing on a sunny day in Forsyth Park. Savannah, Ga. (MMJ class/Dana Lark)

Faces of Places

Faces in Places

Junior SCAD fashion merchandising student, Leigh Anne Greenberg, 29, relaxes in her home after dinner with friends. Savannah, Ga. (MMJ Class/Dana Lark)


Assignment 3- Places and Faces

Brendan Ward

Face & Places-4

Sign outside of the Bibb Music Center in Macon, Ga. Duane Allman and Otis Redding frequented this store.

A Southerbn Downs resident enjoys the artifical beach in Statesboro, Ga.

A Statesboro resident enjoys the artificial beach at Southern Downs in Statesboro, Ga.

Face & Places-6

Georgia Southern University student Rachel Hartman, 19, from Rincon, Ga. plays a community piano in Macon, Ga. Hartmann was visiting Macon for the day.

Assignment 3: Faces and Places – Brett Daniel

Faces in Places

Faces in Places - Brett Daniel

Hannah Smith, 20, junior interior design major at Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, Georgia, sketches elevations for a home design project in Building 404, where the interior design program is housed.



Places - Brett Daniel

A monument of an emancipated slave family, the first of its kind in Savannah, Georgia, overlooks River Street visitors and the Georgia Queen riverboat during mid-morning on Feb. 24, 2018.


Faces with Places

IMG_2153 (1)

A child enjoys a swing set adventure at the playground in Forsyth Park during the Forsyth Farmers’ Market in Savannah, Georgia on Feb. 24, 2018.

Materials from Ethics lesson (2/19)

Here is a bullet-pointed synopsis of John Long’s video, along with some updated thoughts and suggestions:

Ethics in the Age of Digital Photography Study Guide

Also, please read and download the material about issues of “taste” in photographing and publishing potentially controversial photographs depicting death and tragedy:

Lessons in Humanity: The Ethics of Taste in Photojournalism

And lastly, as always, here is the PDF version of the presentation:

Photojournalism Ethics Presentation

NOTE: For those who missed class, make sure you scroll through the presentation and read my presenter’s notes. The associated videos are below.

These are important issues. Like I said in class, your generation will determine how photographs remain credible testimonies in the context of news. Know the issues and think about how to solve some of the problems we experience with credibility in visual journalism.

Expect to see some additional articles posted on the FB group to help you expand your understanding. Hopefully, we can generate further discussion about this.

As always, contact me if you have any questions.

Videos from presentation:

Photoshop CS5 Tutorial Content Aware Fill


Because of copyright restrictions, I cannot post James Nachtwey’s excerpt from “War Photographer.” But here is a link to the video posted on my Google Drive account:

Nachtwey’s Mission (Excerpt from “War Photographer”)


Makayla Miller – Depth of Field


Makayla Miller – Mugshots

Assignment 2Assignment 2Assignment 2Assignment 2Assignment 2

Amina Ramsey Depth of Field