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Faustino Hernandez,56, from Rio Bravo,Mexico, feels the onions to see if they are worthy to be given to the restaurants at Glennville,Ga on Apr.21,2016. Faustino say,”Sometimes I look at the onions and think about how I used to be be able to fill so many boxes up.”(MMJ Photo/Mariano Henrnadez)


Faustino Hernandez,56, from Rio Bravo,Mexico, feels the onions to see if they are worthy to be given to the restaurants at Glennville,Ga on Apr.21,2016. (MMJ Photo/Mariano Hernandez)


Dennis Barner,63. of Glennville,GA, prays with his members of his church in Glennville, Ga on Monday, Mar.30,2016. This is Barner’s eighth year walking with the cross. Barner does this to be a visual representation of the real meaning to Easter.(MMJ photo,Mariano Hernandez)


Harley Strickland,20,majoring in journalism and public relations, from Claxton,Ga practices her stand-up in front of her peers and professional WJBF reporter, Stefany Bornman,24, at Sanford Hall on Saturday,Mar.26,2016. Strickland later explained she feels more comfortable doing stand-up rather than writing stories.(MMJ photo/Mariano Hernandez)


Emily Jackson, 18, from Athens, Ga waits patiently as tape is put on her by a team at Georgia Southern on Thursday, April 31, 2016.This is Jackson’s first time modeling at this event.(AP Photo/Mariano Hernandez)


Kyler Arnold, 21, from Jacksonville, Fl, begins to put together pieces on his model at the Williams Center on Thursday, April 31, 2016. Arnold is using masking tape to keep the piece connected to the dress.(AP Photo/ Mariano Hernandez)



Kyler Arnold, 21, from Jacksonville, Fl, looks to his partner in shock as the winner is announced at William Center on Thursday, April 31, 2016.(AP Photo/Mariano Hernandez)


Cows at a farm look at the camera as they are being photographed at Glennville,Ga on Jan.30, 2016. (AP Photo/Mariano Hernandez)nouns_verbs-23An ax is left attached to a tree in Glennville, Ga on Jan.29,2016.(AP Photo/Mariano Hernandez)

Joyce Sanchez – Visual Narrative

Visual Narrative // David Miller


Gina Miller, left, holds her grandmother, Abuela Sara, 95, as she tries to guide her around the small bathroom. At this age Abuela Sara needs assistance with every simple task, and Gina insists on keeping her grandmother at home in her care. Most of the time, Abuela Sara calls Gina “nena,” meaning “girl” in Spanish.


Some mornings Abuela Sara is cranky and agitated, but this morning she speaks and listens to Gina. Gina finishes their morning bathroom routine by brushing Abuela Sara’s tongue. Next, Gina will bring Abuela Sara to the dining table for breakfast.


Abuela Sara cannot take her medication on her own, so every morning Gina crushes and mixes it with either apple sauce, oatmeal or yogurt, which ever Abuela Sara prefers.


Gina’s mother, Mama Tina (left), 72, feeds yogurt to Abuela Sara with a rubber tipped baby spoon. Gina brought her mother Tina and her Abuela Sara to live in her home in Cairo, GA. after growing concerns for their health and care in Bradenton, FL. Both Mama Tina and Abuela Sara’s health has improved in the last month.


Abuela Sara was born and raised in the small town of Gurabo, Puerto Rico. She worked in tobacco fields in Puerto Rico while raising her children; four girls and three boys. She later moved to New Jersey and worked on an assembly line. She has moved from Puerto Rico to Florida many times in the last 20 years, but now that her age limits her, Abuela Sara’s new home in Georgia with Gina and her family will be where she stays.


After breakfast, Gina brings Abuela Sara to her spot on the couch. Abuela Sara’s gentle grip on Gina’s lower back keeps her from falling.


After Abuela Sara is settled and comfortable, Gina gets herself ready and makes her way to work. She usually has clients coming in and out of her office, but this slow morning allows for her to catch up on weekly paperwork.


On her office windowsill, Gina has family pictures, plants, and this motivational plaque saying “If you ever met my family, you would understand.” This is a reminder for Gina to stay true to her family values. Those who have met Gina and her family see the overflow of respect and love.


After dinner and a long day of work, Gina brings Abuela Sara to her bed in the room they share.


Gina’s son Jesse, 19, climbs on the twin size mattress to help get Abuela Sara up in her bed. “I help my mom whenever Abuela needs to be moved because she can’t do it by herself. Between school and work, I’m not here that often, but when I am, I help with almost anything,” Jesse said. “My spanish is horrible and Abuela laughs at me when I try to say anything in spanish to her.”


As Gina tucks in Abuela Sara, she kisses her on the cheek and says “bendicion,” meaning “may I have your blessing?” Tonight, Abuela Sara repeated “bendicion,” to Gina, giving her a laugh and a smile. Usually, she replies with “Dios te bendiga,” meaning “God bless you.”

Portfolio – Ristomatti Lanne


Georgia Southern University juniors Nico De Groof discusses about his grade in golf class with his teacher Kortnie Maxoutopoulis, 23, of Pleasanton, Calif. on Wednesday, Apr., 27, 2016 in University Park Golf Course in Statesboro, Ga. This golf class is one of the two physical activity classes he takes this semester.


Georgia Southern University graduate student and men’s tennis assistant coach Manuel Barroetavena, 25, of Buenos Aires, Argentina coaches one of his players on a private lesson in Wallis Tennis Center in Statesboro, Ga., on Tuesday, Feb., 23, 2016. He waits the head coach to give instructions to the player.


Georgia Southern University redshirt junior Daniel Casablancas, 21, of Barcelona, Spain hits a forehand volley during his private lesson in Wallis Tennis Center in Statesboro, Ga., on Tuesday, Feb., 2, 2016. He is working to get back in shape after a shoulder surgery he had last year.


Georgia Southern University sophomore Eduardo Landin, 20, of Los Cabos, Mexico cools himself between practice session in Wallis Tennis Center in Statesboro, Ga., on Tuesday, Feb., 23 2016. He is about to continue his practice with a private lesson


Georgia Southern University freshman Adam Brown, 18, of Lawrenceville, Ga., right sits in the locker room with his teammate Evan Pelavin, 18, of Alpharetta, Ga., left, at Hanner Fieldhouse in Statesboro, Ga. on Tuesday, Feb. 23. 2016. He tells a story from the past weekend, when his teammate was out of town.


Georgia Southern University junior Christian Kerrigan, 20, of London, England follows the women’s tennis team match against Nicholls State University in Statesboro, Ga., on Fri, 26, 2016. He is currently suffering from a wrist injury and is unable to play in the men’s tennis home opener, which begins right after the women’s team finishes.


Georgia Southern University junior David Miller, 22, of Cairo, Ga., listens to a photojournalism lecture about feature photographs at Sweetheart Circle on Georgia Southern University campus in Statesboro, Ga., on Wednesday, Mar., 23, 2016. His teacher Scott Bryant is also the photojournalist for Statesboro Herald.


Alex Marino, 22, of Atlanta, Ga., serves pieces of fresh granola bars at Campus Farmer’s Market on Georgia Southern University campus in Statesboro, Ga., on Tuesday, Apr., 5, 2016. The oatmeal and raisin flavored granola bars are free samples for people at the Campus Farmer’s Market.


Philip Klayman, 26, of Suwanee, Ga., left, explains his assistant Nick Carpenter, 19, of Douglasville, Ga., right, how to stir the coffee at Campus Farmer’s Market on Georgia Southern University campus in Statesboro, Ga., on Tuesday, Apr. 5, 2016. They had just prepared Ethiopian blend of coffee called “French Press” at the Three Tree Coffee stand.


Georgia Southern University junior Nico De Groof, 22, of Hulshout, Belgium, is feeling the lack of sleep during his golf class in University Park Golf Course in Statesboro, Ga., on Wednesday, Apr., 27, 2016. He is taking 23 credit hours this semester to graduate in three years.

Joyce Sanchez – Portfolio

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