Makayla Miller – Portfolio



Vasche Benjamin, 20-year-old fashion merchandising major at Georgia Southern, people watches from her bedroom window.





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Families take pictures during the Yellow Daisy festival on Stone Mountain in Stone Mountain, Georgia in September. (photo credits: Makayla Miller)



A little girl swings a hula-hoop around her arm to the beat of the music at the YMCA in Statesboro, GA. (photo credits: Makayla Miller)



Georgia Southern student, Chandler Stevenson, 20, celebrates winning a game at the first annual Easter egg celebration at the YMCA in Statesboro, GA. (photo credits: Makayla Miller)






Jalen Collins, 19, enjoys a relaxing evening at the Freedoms Landing Pool on February 23rd. (photo credits//Makayla Miller)



Jonathon Chiza, a senior at Georgia Southen University, playing basketball at the first annual Wild Out Wednesday on campus on February 21. (photo credits//Makayla Miller)



Sophomore at GSU, Clarissa Holleman,20, paints a little girl’s face at the first annual Easter egg celebration at the YMCA in Statesboro, GA








Portfolio: Zainab Oladega


Aungelique Hanna, 22, senior, Multimedia Communications major does squats at the RAC, Statesboro, Ga


Rukayat Popoola, 23, gets a little bit fustrated trying to part her hair. Rukayat who does other people’s hair is in hair school to get certified in doing hair. “It’s always 10 times easier doing other people’s hair than your own, so yeah I was getting annoyed”, Popoola said.


Jazlyn Jones, 18 and Dovan Bradley, 18, playing a one on one soccer game on a cloudy Sunday afternoon, on the GSU practice field. Jazlyn has been playing soccer since high school and decided to bring her cleats out of retirment.


Beautiful Eagle Creek has been apart of GSU traditions since 1981, located in Statesboro, Ga.


Students walking into the Dining commons on a gloomy Sunday evening in March. There were also students sitting eating and conversing inside the Dining Commons.


Students waking back to their dorm rooms in Centennial Place as one students looks he has some work to walking with his book bag on,


Taraya Brayton, Shawn Miller and Payton Terrel as well as other comes together as the step show ends to do the wobble. The energetic show on Sunday, April 22nd at the Russel Union, got the crowd moving and out their seats.


Chasity Walker, 22, Senior, Civil Engineering major feeling the music as she throws her hair around to the beats of the music playing, Easter Sunday Afternoon.


Rolake Roberts, 22, Marketing major trying not to laugh at Charles Pryor, 22, Junior Journalism major as smoke gets into his mouth. The two decided to grill as celebration of Easter Sunday.


Tatyonna Trip, 21 and Chris Hill, 23 discussing how the step show went, that was held in the Russel Union April 22nd.

Portfolio-Antonee Anderson


Matt Peterson, 14 from Statesboro Ga, walking around the Spring into Statesboro, he said that he comes every year with his family and everyone loves the food especially and he like getting out the house and meeting new people. (Antonee Anderson)


Bernard Dawson 23, on the site of his music video on the railroad track of 111 South apartments Bernard loves music and he wanted more a outdoor feel for his video so he invited his teammates dog to the video. (Antonee Anderson)


Alpacas Prince and Carmen at the spring Festival the really been a crowd pleasure fort everyone that has come out to see them most people that came said they really like the alpacas . (Antonee Anderson)


Karen James 22 a student at Georgia Southern painting kids faces at the spring festival at downtown Statesboro, Ga. the table she was working was called Creative Corner. (Antonee Anderson)


The ladies of Delta Sigma Theta at the step show at Georgia southern university the Deltas had there delta week and wanted to cap the week off with a show to show students how they get down.


The Deltas having a good time at there show there show was very good and multiple people came out to see them perform.


Prince the alpaca checking out the scene at the Spring Festival he really enjoys the company of kids when they come around to check him out.


The spring into Statesboro had three Alpacas from the alpaca farm in Statesboro the trainers or keepers of the alpacas converting during the festival on April 21. (Antonee Anderson)


Bernard Dawson showing off the Purple grenade that he wants to have in his music video Saint56 his first music video (Antonee Anderson)


Aladin the Alpaca greeting Doris Graham she wanted to meet the Alpacs after her grand baby was scared to touch it she chose to touch it so she her granddaughter that is was safe. (Antonee Anderson)

Portfolio (photos & captions got deleted)


On April 9, Victoria Becton, a Georgia Southern Student, was in her element making a mold for her ceramics class.


Victoria Becton, Junior at GSU and Natalie Harrison, Freshman at GSU are hard at work sculpting their altered states project for their intro to ceramics class, while Badger sniffs out the place.


Ashleigh Harvey is a 21 year-old Georgia Southern student who decided to bring her dog down from home and bring it back to college to live with her. Her dog seems to be just as thrilled as she is about it.


In late February, Victoria Becton, a 20-year-old fashion merchandising major at Georgia Southern, took some quality time to enjoy some early spring weather in the trees.


In the middle of February, Victoria Becton decided to spend some quality time climbing trees at Sweetheart Circle on the Georgia Southern campus.


On March 10, the flowers in the Botanical Gardens of Statesboro, Ga. have already began blooming showing signs of an early spring.


Victoria Becton is giving Badger peanut butter. Natalie Harrison is talking about ideas for her projects. Marian Trainor with the red pigtails is a senior at GSU working on her mold making project for her advanced ceramics class.


This is Badger he is half Boxer mix and half hound. He is owned by Marian Trainor. He was not suppose to be on the table, but he did not seem to take no for an answer.


On April 9, Badger kept his owner company in the sculpting studio while she worked on her project.


March 10, was a beautiful day in the Botanical Gardens of Statesboro, GA. It was the first sunny day after it had previously rained over half the week.

Portfolio: Jade Gay


Beautiful Millions Bell and Wave Petunia flowers at the Botanical Gardens of Georgia southern. Picture By Jade Gay


Norm Schoppenhorst a volunteer of the Botanical Gardens explaining to a visitor about the orchids he grows. Picture By Jade Gay


A little boy creating a master piece at the Botanical Gardens of Georgia Southern. Picture By Jade Gay


Children lining up at the Arts and Craft table at the Botanical Garden of Georgia Southern. Picture By Jade Gay


Children a the botanical gardens of Georgia southern intently listening. As she reads a book before the magic show. Picture by Jade Gay


A student at The MAPS Organizational Family Reunion teaching his younger brother how to throw a ball. Picture By Jade Gay


Students at the MAPS organizational Family reunion enjoying a game of cards on sweetheart circle. Picture By Jade Gay


Janna Jordan a 21 year old Exercise Science major and Reilley Walker a 19 year old Chemistry Pre-Med major. Enjoying a game of catch at the student Russell Union. Picture By Jade Gay


Janna Jordan a 21 year old Exercise Science major catching a ball at the student Russell Union. Picture by Jade Gay


Abbey Greer a 21 year old Junior Recreational Therapy student showing off her Guitar skills. Picture By Jade Gay

Jamie Jefferson-Portfolio



Guadalupe Ortega, left, freshman pre-nursing major laughs while grabbing on to her friend, Amira James, a senior biology major at the skate party planned by UPB on Thursday night. ” I had no idea I was this bad at skating,” Green said. (MMJ/ Jamie Jefferson)


Markese Branch, 22, senior Japanese major, is pulled across the skating rink by his friend during Thursday’s UPB skate party at the Williams Center. (MMJ/ Jamie Jefferson)


Marissa Garcia, 21, junior exercise science major at Georgia Southern University, chest presses at the Recreational Activity Center in preparation for her upcoming weight lifting show. “The gym has always been my escape,” Garcia says.  (MMJ/ Jamie Jefferson)


Marissa Garcia, 21, excercise science major at Georgia Southern University, bench presses at the Recreational Activity Center in preparation for her upcoming weight lifting show. Garcia says that she finds her happiness when she’s giving her all to her fitness goals. (MMJ/ Jamie Jefferson)


Shaun Haines, a member of the USA Rugby team, prepares to get hit in the face with a wet sponge at the  Spring Into Statesboro festival on East Main Street in downtown Statesboro on Saturday, April 21. Haines and his rugby team had their own booth at the festival with wet sponges and balloons filled with paint for patrons to throw darts at. (MMJ/ Jamie Jefferson)


Daniel Wair, “The Chalk Guy”, perfects his sidewalk art at the  Spring Into Statesboro festival on East Main Street in downtown Statesboro on Saturday, April 21. Wair is proud of his many creations and loves festivals like this where more people can see his work. (MMJ/ Jamie Jefferson)


Caleb Adams, 6, feeds hay to a miniature pony at the annual Spring Into Statesboro festival on East Main Street in downtown Statesboro on Saturday, April 21. Eason wearing his favorite cowboy hat fashioned after his favorite cowboy Woody from Toy Story loved getting to pet all the horses at the festival. (MMJ/ Jamie Jefferson)


Bridger Lewellen, 5, has his arms outstretched ready to catch a pass at the Spring Into Statesboro festival on East Main Street in downtown Statesboro on Saturday, April 21. Lewellen’s mother said that football is his favorite sport and will play as long as someone will throw to him. (MMJ/ Jamie Jefferson)


Katie Neely, business management major at Georgia Southern, concentrates while painting a child’s face at the annual  Spring into Statesboro festival on East Main Street in downtown Statesboro on Saturday, April 21. Neely was there with her Leadership and Programming in Creativity class. (MMJ/Jamie Jefferson)


Brittany James, 5, makes a get well card for her grandmother at an arts and craft booth at the annual Spring into Statesboro festival on East Main Street in downtown Statesboro on Saturday, April 21. James’ grandmother just had surgery and her granddaughter believes a card filled with love is just what the doctor ordered. (MMJ/Jamie Jefferson)


Chris White: Final Portfolio

IMG_2268Statesboro residents pack into the arts fest at sweetheart circle on Saturday, April 14. The arts fest is a great event for local vendors to show off their art to the people of Statesboro and for kids to have a great time in the sweetheart circle setting. (MMJ Photojournalism/ Chris White)


Children at the Arts Fest surround the bouncy house & slide  with their parents waiting for their turns to get on. Some parents sit in the grass waiting for their kids to come out. (MMJ Photojournalism/ Chris White)

IMG_9979The S&S Greenway in Statesboro is a 2.5 mile trail used by many people every day. (MMJ Photojournalism/ Chris White)


As a stage is being set up at the Arts Fest, people start to gather in the front for an upcoming musical performance. (MMJ Photo/ Chris White)


IMG_9988Two people biking on the  S&S Greenway in Statesboro, with one person walking in the distance. (MMJ Photojournalism/ Chris White)

IMG_9999Wade Hodges (23) and Justin Allen (22), both media film production majors sit in the lobby of Sanford Hall and discuss an upcoming group project in one of their classes. (MMJ Photojournalism/ Chris White)

IMG_2258Kaylee Kessler, a 19 year old sophomore childhood education major sits outside of Sanford Hall playing on her laptop while killing time before her next class. (MMJ Photojournalism/ Chris White)

IMG_2285Paintings are put on display in one section of the arts fest, and some are for sale.  The painters at the arts fest all expressed their love of the Statesboro arts fest by saying how they’ve always loved being able to put their artwork on display for people to see.  (MMJ Photojournalism/Chris White)


Rachel Carter, 22, a senior criminal justice major, writes an essay in the Carroll Building. The essay is for her upcoming organized crime class. (MMJ Photojournalism/ Chris White)


The Statesboro Fire Department brought one of their truck to the Arts Fest in sweetheart circle. The truck was mainly for the children to interact with, but parents also were seen interacting with the firefighters and the truck itself. (MMJ Photojournalism/ Chris White)